God 4.0 Workshops

God 4.0 written in chalk on a chalkboard.

God 4.0 workshops help you explore what your drive to harmony can look like in your life in a real and practical way. Here’s a little bit about them.

God 4.0: A Two Day Workshop

The workshop runs over a weekend. Here’s what it covers:

Day 1: Face to Face with God 4.0

We begin with understanding Harmony through the lens of God 4.o. The day takes an interactive approach through practical exercises to explore how what God 4.0 is and how it relates to Harmony. The day offers insight into revolutionary ideas about God and encourages you to consider what your version of God 4.0 might be.

Day 2: Your Drive to Harmony

Understanding God 4.0 means practically living your drive to Harmony. This second day offers a chance to explore and experience what Harmony looks like for you. Led by guest facilitators, you’ll have a chance to take part in a range of experiences. The day culminates with you using all, none, or some of the experiences to develop what living Harmony means for you. The workshop draws to a conclusion with a simple question: “How can you keep living that Harmony long after the workshop ends ?”

These workshops are interactive, with lots of room for activities, discussion and reflection. Hopefully you’ll have a good time too.