About Joe Britto

Joe Britto God 4.0For the past fourteen years I’ve been a psychological coach and corporate trainer. I’ve worked with marginalised young people to leadership teams of multi-nationals and covered all the ground in between. I help people and teams be their best in whatever it is they’re doing. It’s work I love.

I’ve always been fascinated by why we do the things we do, and who we choose to be when we’re doing them. How our values, thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world translate into how we operate in our personal and professional lives.

And through all of that thinking, the idea of God was always there. A nebulous, vague idea that focused less on “is there a God or isn’t there?” and more on an easier question: what is the reality of this idea that runs through human history? Why has it persisted and how can I approach it?

You see, I was born a catholic so it’s not surprising that I’ve spent a lot of time wondering about God. Early on I gave up on the catholic church, not because Jesus and his message didn’t make sense, but because of the way the church chooses to represent that message.

I’ve gone back and forth on my ideas about God for years. Sometimes I think it makes sense, sometimes I don’t. Mostly though, I think there’s something to it. Not a creator God, not a man with a beard, not a man at all. But something.

I don’t think I’m alone on that front. I’ve connected with something at various times in my life and brushing up against that something has left me feeling very small. And in that smallness I’ve felt calm, still, safe and open to the possibility of what might be.

One of those possibilities is what may come of this work. I’m working on a book I’m calling God 4.0 and I’ve started this website to see if anyone else is interested in exploring what God might really be.

And on a section called “about me” that’s about it. If that sounds interesting to you we can start thinking about where we go from here.


Joe Britto