Welcome to God 4.0

What if…:

  • our religions and ideas about God limit us from understanding God?
  • we put the ideas about God from religions together?
  • our combined ideas help us understand God better?

For me, thinking of God like that points us to a deeper and practical understanding of God. I call that understanding God 4.0.

It’s a view of God free from fanaticism, dogma or pure belief.

It’s a view of God for people who intuitively know there’s “something” more than we can see and touch and have yet to find anything that makes sense as a way to approach that something.

Like me, you already know there are no final answers. It’s a journey. And as our understanding of God evolves, it does something to how we choose to live our lives. We live better. We see the life around us and we don’t just begin to see our place in it. We know how to be.

If moving the God conversation on sounds interesting to you, then you’re in the right place. Feel free to download the Preface of my upcoming book, God 4.0, and of course, drop me line anytime.

All the best,